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4/5/17 02:52PM

Coppertail Brewing Co. brings back their purple people-pleaser, Purple Drink

The Florida style Berliner Weisse is flavored with boysenberry, tart cherry and blackberry fruit.

April, 2017, Tampa, FL - Coppertail Brewing Co., one of Florida’s premier craft breweries, has announced the release of Purple Drink, a Florida style Berliner Weisse. Purple Drink was first brewed and released in 2013. When it proved to be a crowd favorite, it became a ‘must bottle’ beer. Purple Drink’s unique deep reddish hue is due to the addition of boysenberry, tart cherry and blackberry fruit. At 3.5% alcohol content, it’s perfect for sipping on a hot, Florida spring day, and it is delicious paired with food or dessert.

When asked what inspired him to create Purple Drink, Coppertail’s brew master, Casey Hughes, said, “I grew up in New York and we always had fresh blackberries, so I really like them. I had never made a beer with boysenberries so I wanted to see what I could brew with the combination of blackberries, boysenberries and tart cherries. I thought it would make a beer with a really cool color, and I think we achieved that with Purple Drink. ” Over 1,500 lbs. of fruit is added after primary fermentation.

Purple Drink is in the category of ‘Berliner Weisse,’ which is one of the oldest, still-produced style of beer in the world, originating in Germany. Berliners have a high level of popularity with beer drinkers who enjoy their tart and tangy finish. Coppertail is currently offering two other Berliner Weisses on their tap list, a guava-passion fruit Berliner, and ‘Whoops,’ a cranberry and hibiscus Florida Weisse.

Purple Drink’s taste is tart, dry and semi-sweet. It has a medium palate with a lingering tartness. Purple drink is excellent paired with salad with citrus dressing, ceviche, marmalades, mussels and cioppino. Perfect cheese pairings would include triple cream, mascarpone and Swiss cheeses. For dessert, Purple Drink goes well with cheesecake, sorbet or dark chocolate.

Purple Drink is available in limited distribution in retail locations in four packs, and at the Brewery beginning the week of April 10.

About Coppertail Brewing Co.

Coppertail Brewing Co. is a production brewery in Tampa, FL, founded in 2014 by home brewer and reformed attorney, Kent Bailey, and professional brewer, Casey Hughes. The two wanted to bring more hop-forward and Belgian influenced beer to the thirsty masses. Coppertail brews and bottles all of their beer in Tampa for distribution throughout Florida. Four core beers are available year round, with seasonal releases and special treatments offered throughout the year. Coppertail beer is available at Total Wine, Target, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Publix, and at the brewery seven days a week.
For more information, visit CoppertailBrewing.com.

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Coppertail Brewing Co.
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